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Advantages of GSI

Our products, services, experience and reputation mean that we are strategically placed to advise on business, management, and compliance/regulatory issues relating to the general insurance industry.


Experience of the team - Our team members are carefully selected for their relevant experience:

  • Our technical staff are drawn from the underwriting, claims and broking divisions of Australian general insurance companies and brokerages. Our auditors have up to 40 years industry experience in underwriting or broking operations. Most of them have backgrounds in property and casualty insurance. Some of our auditors also have experience in more specialist lines, including accident and health, consumer credit and term life.

  • GSI’s specific expertise in providing “back office” services in each of the above areas to broker cluster groups and business aggregators provides us with skills required to implement these services to user groups and the resources to service such business effectively.

  • Our experience in providing training to general insurance intermediaries has provided us with specialised insight to the challenges of the industry and we are well placed to excel in the learning and development aspects of the industry. We provide these services only to this sector and so our content is focused and niche marketed.


Quality Control / Documentary Integrity - GSI takes pride in the quality of its products and services and has a disciplined training and mentoring programme. We take ultimate responsibility for the integrity of all of our processes and the senior management of GSI are closely involved in reviewing all documentation that is issued by the organisation. All documentation is peer reviewed by a senior executive prior to release.

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