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GSI Professional Services is recognised as a leading provider of Compliance and Training services to General Insurance intermediaries and distributors in Australia and across the Asia-Pacific region.


The GSI service offerings are driven by compliance in areas of business practices, namely:



We believe that all of these areas should not exist in isolation of each other. They all interact. This has led GSI to develop services that can be used to build a framework to assist a business to run efficiently, compliantly and profitably whilst managing business risk. We believe excellence can be achieved through this holistic approach to business management.


Insurance markets are heavily regulated and our team who all have extensive industry experience and the relevant background to understand our client’s business and understanding of those regulations can assist our clients to benefit from our on-ground support and expertise.


At GSI, we embrace the following values and behaviours for our organisation and those who work with us:


  • We embrace behaviours that promote integrity and contribution to our business communities

  • We take responsibility for our actions, both at the level of the individual and as an organisation

  • We embrace the values of achievement, recognition, success and competence

  • We seek and espouse communication, teamwork, and connection to our business communities

  • We demonstrate self respect and loyalty

Brief History of GSI

The key to our market reputation is our collective desire to assist our clients beyond expectation. This has been built up over the past 16 years and is reflected in our values and behaviours.

Our team members are respected for their industry knowledge and expertise.

2021 -

Gold Seal International rebrands as GSI Professional Services.

2020 -

Gold Seal International services broadened and made available to Australia and the Asia-Pacific region as part of its split from Steadfast Group focused GoldSeal Practice Management, under the guidance of David Mills.

2017 -

Gold Seal International launched to focus on supporting Lloyd’s managing agents.

2012 -

Launched goldseal campus, our online learning environment.

2010 -

Gold Seal sold the interests in the law firm to the other partners in the business.

2005 -

Gold Seal established a Registered Training Organisation to deliver RG146 mandated qualifications to General Insurance intermediaries.

2004 -

Gold Seal began providing training and professional development services for Brokers in 2004.

2003 -

Gold Seal established an HR/IR practice specialising in the financial services sector. Established a law firm (Gold Seal Legal).

2001 -

Gold Seal's operation expanded substantially; introduced its first coverholder audit services to three Lloyd’s Managing Agents and extended its services to assist brokers, underwriting agents and Managing Agencies to implement the new financial services reforms in Australia.

1995 -

Gold Seal established to provide risk management and advisory consulting services to General Insurance intermediaries.

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